Flash-Sintering requires the application of a DC electrical field to a ceramic sample while sintering.  The electric field drastically reduces the time and temperature required for densification.  Examples of these experiments can be found in many recent experiments [Flash-Sintering].  FAST ceramics has extensive experience designing and building equipment for field assisted sintering and can custom design equipment to meet a wide variety of needs.

Full Flash-Sintering System

Furnace, tube-ends, computer, data acquisition systems, optical dilatometer and control software everything necessary to reproduce flash-sintering experiments to-date [Flash-Sintering]. 
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Tube Furnace Ends and Control System

Similar to the description above for the full-system except for the furnace and tube.  This system enables the set-up of an existing 2”OD tube furnace for flash-sintering experiments.
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Systems for custom requirements

FAST ceramics has vast experience designing and building high temperature experimental instruments.  FAST ceramics will develop custom software for fast and precise data acquisition from almost any piece of equipment. Some examples include


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